Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Here's a new Blog Post about Lucinda Ellery reviews: Women with Trich Share Great Lucinda Ellery Reviews

Are you compelled to pull out strands of your own hair and not being able to stop – even when you are left with visible bald patches? This is what faces women with trichotillomania – a condition classified as an impulse control disorder.

It is not known what causes the condition but thankfully, today there is a greater understanding of how to treat it. Like other kinds of obsessive compulsive disorders, breaking the habit can be alleviated by psychological support and therapeutic mind training.

Meeting other women with the same experiences can be a tremendous help, as can learning ways to change negative thinking patterns. Sometimes, giving yourself something repetitive to do with your hands can help sufferers learn to break the habit.

In cases where the hair has been left patchy specialist extensions can conceal the damage and even sometimes help to change the behaviour. In fact, you can read positive Lucinda Ellery reviews and learn more about the sorts of hair replacements available and find out more about the kinds of psychological support which can help.

from Lucinda Ellery Solutions Reviews http://lucindaellerysolutionsreviews.blogspot.com/2016/05/women-with-trich-share-great-lucinda.html

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