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Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Ayurveda and Hair Loss

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The Head Wrap: DIY Hemmed Head Wrap + Pictorial How To

Hi dolls, so I'm finally doing a Head Wrap How To. There are a lot of lovely wraps available, however it is so simple to run some up yourself that look just as cute as the ones you can buy online or in store.

T O O L S:

  • 100CM Square of fabric [fabric should be a stiff as possible, traditional wax print is best but a linen of a thick cotton will do]
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread [hand sewing is fine it will just take longer] 

Take a large square of fabric this can be any pattern [the more vibrant the better] you will notice that one side of your fabric will be lighter than the other. fold the fabric into a triangle with the light side showing.

Pin the edges of your fabric to make sewing easier and ensure you get a nice straight edge.

using a sewing machine or needle and thread follow the edges of the fabric on both sides of the triangle.

Leave a space of 4 inches at the end of the last edge, this will be so we can turn our wrap the right way round.

Turn the wrap so the bright side of the fabric is on show, you should be left with a lovely double sided triangle. There will be a 4 inch gap. neaten the gap by folding the edges inwards. use your sewing machine to neatly hem the corner.

You will be left with a double sided practically seamless triangle wrap. the double sided element is ideal for creating beautiful wrap styles. I have found this style wrap almost always looks great with little effort [just a few knots here or there] the stiffer the fabric the better for really tall wraps, if you want to go bigger just increase your original square size. below is how I tie my signature wrap.

  1. you're now ready to wrap like a pro
  2. take your wrap and place the largest edge at the nape of your neck
  3. ensure your wrap is even on both sides sand pull till taut
  4. tie your wrap at the forehead and pull to secure
  5. you should have two flaps that you can now play with to create your wrap
  6. tie the flap nearest the front of your wrap to the flat nearest the back of your wrap
  7. you should be left with a knotted puffy gathering of material atop your head
  8. adjust your wrap by pulling it back or forward, puffing out the sides and tucking in some or all of the flaps
  9. and you're done! 

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Here's a new Blog Post about Lucinda Ellery reviews: Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Heatless Hairstyles Pt. 1

Some people’s hair may be more sensitive to heat than others. If you have such hair, then you likely find it difficult to style your hair, as most trendy hairstyles require the use of a blower or curling iron. Consider your hairstyling prayers answered then, for here’s a heatless hairstyle that takes just a few minutes to create. It helps you achieve soft waves without the use of mousse or heat, just follow the steps below:

Step 1

After a shower, part slightly damp hair on one side into two to four sections and twist each section inward or outward, depending on your preference. Make the curls tighter the more sections you decide to have.

Step 2

Twist the sections often as the hair dries. Preferably, you should keep twisting your hair until you get to your destination.

Step 3

Once hair has completely dried, flip your hair over and back, and that’s about it.

Do you like the outcome of your hair after following the steps above? You can learn more hairstyles that minimize damage to hair from Lucinda Ellery reviews.


No-Heat Curls: 12 Ways to Get Heatless Curls,

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Lucinda Ellery Reviews Hair Loss Natural Remedies

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The Workshop: The Wig Witch X Simply Gorgeous Salon

This Summer I'm partnering with family owned afro hair salon SIMPLYGorgeous to offer an exclusive series of workshops  as part of my new venture, The Wig Witch.

The workshops, created by two black owned businesses aim to change the narrative and experience of afro hair by  connecting like minded women, with the opportunity to learn a new skill and heighten the discourse on afro hair and beauty.

Taking the conversation offline, these intimate  workshops are centered on education and passing on knowledge of an integral tool to the afro hair community – protective styling.

The sessions  will provide each guest with the skills on how to create their own custom made wig, tips on hair care  and much more.

Sessions will be held at 10am, 1.30pm, and 5.30pm. Please get in touch specifying which time you'd like you'd like when booking your ticket.

To make the most of the workshop we ask participants to bring their own hair. Our friends at Pretty Kinks  have kindly offered a 15% discount to attendees who'd like to purchase hair for the sessions and can be used up to one month after. Details on redeeming discount code provided with ticket.
Those unable to bring their own hair are still encouraged to attend and observe the workshop.
In addition to learning a skill we've also linked with a selection of the UK’s top independent beauty brands, created by women of colour for women of colour to offer you a take home bag of quality products worth over £20.

We hope you can join us!


Sunday, 31 July 2016 from 10:00 to 21:00 (BST) - Add to Calendar

SIMPLYGorgeous - Kingsgate Road, London, NW6 4JY - View Map

Buy Tickets 

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Here's a new Blog Post about Lucinda Ellery reviews: Lucinda Ellery Reviews Yoga To Help Hair Growth

Stress is a constant part of life. Too much of it can sap you of energy, leaving you looking ragged and sickly. As if these negative effects to your beauty aren’t enough, stress can also cause you to lose much of your precious hair. If you do yoga, you might want to know that there are certain yoga poses that can help you reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. Here are some of them:

Adho Mukha Savasana

This yoga pose is also called the downward dog pose. With the head lower than the heart, this pose promotes better blood circulation to the head, which means nutrients reach your hair follicles faster.


A yoga pose that involves standing forward. This pose helps the body feel rejuvenated.


Also known as the diamond pose, this yoga move is best done immediately after consuming food.


A classic yoga pose where the knees are raised to the chest whilst lying on your back. This pose gives clarity to the mind, giving you the ability to mentally fight off stress, and with it, hair loss.

If your hair loss issues run much deeper than stress, you might want to read Lucinda Ellery reviews to learn about alternative solutions to your problem.


Yoga tips for Hair Loss,

from Lucinda Ellery Solutions Reviews

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Postpartum Hair Loss

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The Good Hair Club: An Intro To Your New Favorite Online Store

You know I love me some good that I mean healthy hair! I caught up with Oyin Akiniyi founder of The Good Hair Club a new online store dedicated to natural hair products made here in the UK, this isn't yet another E-commerce store but a platform that looks to redefine hair for black women.


I  love the concept of The Good Hair Club, where did it stem from?

Thanks it’s so exciting to bring something to life and see people embracing it.
The concept came from a desire to take back ownership of something that’s so sacred to black women, for so long now black hair care (in the retail environments) has been controlled and owned by people who aren’t the end user, who I don’t think care about us and our experiences.

I wanted to create a platform that passionately cared about our experiences, that cared about us and believed that we deserved only the best. I'm extremely and tirelessly passionate about black women and I created The Good Hair Club so that we could navigate beauty on our own terms, with products made by women like us.

Why is it important to champion home grown talent?

There are so many amazing hair care brands out there, but there is a growing number of UK brands who are independent, passionate and crafting products with black British women in mind. I think there’s something so special about that, they are making their products for us, they understand our experiences and care about what we need. So for me it’s a no brainer, they make incredible products, which are free from nasty chemicals, environmentally friendly, and they care about women.

What are your top UK brands? 

Well I’m biased! My favs are all the ones that you can find on The Good Hair Club off course (in no particular order):

  •     Big Hair Beauty
  •     Afro hair and Skin Company
  •      Sheabutter cottage
  •      Modie
  •      Hug my Hair
  •     Crown pride
  •      Root 2 Tip
  •      Yako
  •      Anita Grant
  •      Boucleme

What are your thoughts on the U.K. Natural Hair scene?

I love love love the UK natural hair scene, any scene which enables women to embrace who they are on their own terms gets a thumbs up from me. To be honest, I’m really excited that black girl magic is even  a thing. It’s so important that as women we continue to celebrate and embrace who we are on our own terms.
Like never before we have so many amazing platforms to own our narratives and that is so special. The natural hair scene is just part of this global movement that is empowering black women to redefine the conversation. So yes to black girl magic.

Starting your own business is a huge achievement any advice for budding entrepreneurs? 

Okay so I’m a newbie entrepreneur, so I don’t have a wealth of experience. But I have learnt a few things along the way:

  • Just do it

If you have the fire in your belly, the passion and believe in your idea and yourself, then do it.

  •  Ask for help

Speak to as many people as possible and ask for help, some people will say no and that’s fine. But many more will say yes and that’s all you need really. You can’t do it all on your own and you won’t know everything. So ask for help.

  • Keep yourself motivated

Of all the things I thought I was going to experience as I embarked on this journey, I didn’t for a second contemplate that losing motivation would even be a consideration. As a solo entrepreneur, I run out of steam, I get fatigued and I lose confidence. All these things can make you lose motivation. But whenever I feel like this, I speak to people; friends, family and other entrepreneurs.
I know that the feeling will pass but it’s important to recognise that it’s hard and you will question whether you can do it, but you won’t know if you don’t try.

What are the key points of different that set the good hair club apart from your competitors? 

The Good Hair Club is first and foremost about celebrating black experiences. It’s about creating a platform that enables women to define their hair care experiences on their own terms.
It’s about quality and craft, we’re a platform that cares.
We’re 100% passionate about organic and natural products from independent brands. We care about quality of ingredients how they are sourced and the impact they have in our world. so if it isn’t good, it won’t get on.
It’s about throwing out the rule books and saying that healthy hair is good hair.

I've noticed from my experiences with returning to natural that this is often synonymous with using all natural products, is this something you have witnessed?

I think there tends to be more of a curiosity in regards to figuring out what to use to help 'manage' natural hair. I think it's important for people to experiment and find what works for them. Using good products is just the first step, in the way we care about what we eat to maintain a healthy body I think people are becoming just as thoughtful in regards to hair care.

Tell us a little about your own hair journey?

For as long as I can remember I've always had relaxed hair, short pixie, long weave or braids it's always been relaxed. I moved to Nigerian for a little while and I found the heat pretty intense so I decided that I needed to shave my hair off. I didn't intend to go 'natural' I was just hot and my hair was adding to the heat. When I moved back to London I decided that I wanted to grow it out and so it just made sense to grow it natural. Since then I've tried tons of hair recipes, oils and products under the roof and realized that for me simplicity is key.

Whats your regimen?

On a daily basis:
I moisturize my hair with Modie hair Creme  and then seal in with either Hug My Hair  -VINTAGE MOISTURE SEALING HAIR BUTTER or The Afro hair and Skin F L O U R I S H – Totally Nourishing Hair Butter

I Co-wash, weekly with Anita Grant, Curl Cleansing Co-Wash Conditioner (Rosemary mint)

I have a sensitive scalp so I need to ensure that my scalp is clean so I wash my with shampoo and condition every two weeks and I'm currently using Big Hair Soft Clean SLS Free Shampoo and Soft Curls Conditioner.

I'm pretty naughty but I try and deep condition at least once a month, sometimes I'll do a Henna mixture, or some hot oil treatment. but I'm a bit lazy so I just draw for the Big Hair Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment instead.

Visit the home new home of UK natural hair products

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Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Hormones, Hair Loss and Why You Should Not Be Worried

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The Thread: African Threading + Q&A with Comfort

I am back, but this time with a post that calls for a re-introduction haha. I will also be answering all your Fro questions from my Instagram (@oneplus.ig) and Snapchat (comfort_n) and check out my blog []

Growing up in the coastal southern part of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state, I learnt how to embrace and style my Afro from my mother, aunts and my grandmother.

‘Threading’ or ‘African Threading’ was/is one of the most common hairstyles in my village/town, and it is styled in so many ways. Threading is a protective style, but most recently a heat-free alternative to stretching our Afro.

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Here's a new Blog Post about Lucinda Ellery reviews: Lucinda Ellery Reviews Thyroid and its Relationship to Hair Loss

Thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism can cause thyroid hormone levels to drop to unhealthy levels. Hypohthyroidism is a condition where the body is unable to produce enough of the thyroid hormone that the body needs to control metabolism. Hair loss is a common side effect of this disease, but as long as you get the treatment you need, you can soon kiss your hypothyroidism—and your hair loss—goodbye.

Hypothyroidism is often treated with medication such as levothyroxine, a synthetic version of the thyroid hormone. The good news is that with the right dosage of levothyroxine, hypothyroidism and hair loss can be effectively managed. The bad news is that it can take some time to determine the right dosage.

As you wait to achieve the desired results, you may want to learn about effective hair loss solutions such as Lucinda Ellery’s Medi Connections™ and Intralace System™. You can look up the many Lucinda Ellery reviews online to learn more about these hair replacement solutions.


Is Thyroid Disease Causing Your Hair Loss?, Everyday Health

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Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Hair Loss Healing Foods

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Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Silk or Satin Pillowcases

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The Traveling Natural: A Fro Abroad

How My Travelling began?
I was once an introvert, enduring the British weather and over-familiar with the route from school to home and to the shops. Then I finished law-school, got a job and a camera too!

Most people prefer to take a year off work (or studies) to travel, but I believe you don't have to compromise, as I do both. 

How did I work and travel?
I utilize all the public/bank holidays and often add two days to weekends to give me enough time to enjoy my stay. If like me you live in the UK, European countries are 3hrs or less away by plane, so few days are often more than enough.

My favorite trip
Greek Island hopping is one of my favorite trips. Wait! Before I go further into that trip, Venice is my favorite place, it holds great memories and is just perfect. I spent almost two weeks in Greece and visited Athens > Santorini > Paros > Ios > Mykonos > Delos. And just recently I visited Crete. Maybe I belong in Greece, you should go out there too.

What to pack
It is very important to pack light when travelling, I have never checked in a luggage. Most of our Fro hair products are currently not made for the 100ml cabin bag liquid restrictions, lets face it, we need more than 100ml conditioner for this fabulous Fro ha. You can buy clear cabin bottles, and fill it up with your favorite hair food. I often mix my oil and moisturizer to save space. This means I can have two or more bottles of absolute goodness.

Dry Hair Tips
Moisturize and seal with oil. Braid or twist your hair to lock in moisture as your night routine. When I am lazy, I put it in a bun. Cover your hair with silk scarf before you sleep on it. If your hair is still very dry, consider changing your moisturizer, as it may not be for your hair type/texture.

Fro Styles
Most people prefer a simple, manageable hairstyle for travelling.  I just like to let the Fro fly. It is not as hard to maintain as you think. Every night, moisturize, oil (I use black castor oil/coconut oil) and braid/twist. The humidity often leaves my Fro soft, so I don't even need to detangle or comb it. I section hair into 6 and braid, and that takes 10 minutes. If you haven’t learnt the trick of braiding/twist just yet, use a hair band.

How to afford regular breaks
I travel to learn, enjoy the culture and live like a local, and that doesn't cost much. Last minute deals website and airlines offers all-inclusive holidays (flight and hotel) for as little as £99. You don't need new clothes, shoes or accessories. All you really need is your booking confirmation, your phone/camera, passport and pocket money to eat from the local shops. Go on and fly with the Fro.

I know you have so many questions right about now, so I will stop talking and take your questions. Don't be shy! Type below.

              For pictures of my trips and more, visit 

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Here's a new Blog Post about Lucinda Ellery reviews: Lucinda Ellery Reviews Menopausal Hair Loss

Menopause is a bodily process that all women go through at some point in their lives. At the onset of menopause, a woman’s body goes through significant physical changes, including fluctuating hormone levels. This in turn can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings and hair loss.

How does menopause cause hair loss?

The hormones oestrogen and testosterone play a huge role in the abilities ability to produce hair. During menopause, oestrogen levels decrease whilst testosterone levels increase. This causes the hair on the scalp to grow thinner than before.

How do you combat hair loss during menopause?

Hair loss during menopause is only temporary. To keep your hair strong and healthy during this time, Lucinda Ellery reviews recommend that you follow these tips:
      ● Exercise regularly
      ● Reduce stress
      ● Get enough sleep
      ● Eat well
      ● Drink plenty of water

You may also want to talk to a doctor about medication that help minimise the symptoms of menopause. Don’t stop taking your medication until the doctor says so, as this can be dangerous for your health.


Menopause Hair Loss Prevention,

from Lucinda Ellery Solutions Reviews

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Asparagus for Hair Growth

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