Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Traveling Natural: A Fro Abroad

How My Travelling began?
I was once an introvert, enduring the British weather and over-familiar with the route from school to home and to the shops. Then I finished law-school, got a job and a camera too!

Most people prefer to take a year off work (or studies) to travel, but I believe you don't have to compromise, as I do both. 

How did I work and travel?
I utilize all the public/bank holidays and often add two days to weekends to give me enough time to enjoy my stay. If like me you live in the UK, European countries are 3hrs or less away by plane, so few days are often more than enough.

My favorite trip
Greek Island hopping is one of my favorite trips. Wait! Before I go further into that trip, Venice is my favorite place, it holds great memories and is just perfect. I spent almost two weeks in Greece and visited Athens > Santorini > Paros > Ios > Mykonos > Delos. And just recently I visited Crete. Maybe I belong in Greece, you should go out there too.

What to pack
It is very important to pack light when travelling, I have never checked in a luggage. Most of our Fro hair products are currently not made for the 100ml cabin bag liquid restrictions, lets face it, we need more than 100ml conditioner for this fabulous Fro ha. You can buy clear cabin bottles, and fill it up with your favorite hair food. I often mix my oil and moisturizer to save space. This means I can have two or more bottles of absolute goodness.

Dry Hair Tips
Moisturize and seal with oil. Braid or twist your hair to lock in moisture as your night routine. When I am lazy, I put it in a bun. Cover your hair with silk scarf before you sleep on it. If your hair is still very dry, consider changing your moisturizer, as it may not be for your hair type/texture.

Fro Styles
Most people prefer a simple, manageable hairstyle for travelling.  I just like to let the Fro fly. It is not as hard to maintain as you think. Every night, moisturize, oil (I use black castor oil/coconut oil) and braid/twist. The humidity often leaves my Fro soft, so I don't even need to detangle or comb it. I section hair into 6 and braid, and that takes 10 minutes. If you haven’t learnt the trick of braiding/twist just yet, use a hair band.

How to afford regular breaks
I travel to learn, enjoy the culture and live like a local, and that doesn't cost much. Last minute deals website and airlines offers all-inclusive holidays (flight and hotel) for as little as £99. You don't need new clothes, shoes or accessories. All you really need is your booking confirmation, your phone/camera, passport and pocket money to eat from the local shops. Go on and fly with the Fro.

I know you have so many questions right about now, so I will stop talking and take your questions. Don't be shy! Type below.

              For pictures of my trips and more, visit https://onepluspage.wordpress.com 

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