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The Thread: African Threading + Q&A with Comfort

I am back, but this time with a post that calls for a re-introduction haha. I will also be answering all your Fro questions from my Instagram (@oneplus.ig) and Snapchat (comfort_n) and check out my blog [https://onepluspage.wordpress.com/]

Growing up in the coastal southern part of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state, I learnt how to embrace and style my Afro from my mother, aunts and my grandmother.

‘Threading’ or ‘African Threading’ was/is one of the most common hairstyles in my village/town, and it is styled in so many ways. Threading is a protective style, but most recently a heat-free alternative to stretching our Afro.

This method can leave your Afro dry. To avoid this, I stretch my hair for less than 24 hours (on dry moisturised hair), and seal the ends with oil before styling. You can purchase your thread from your local hair shop.


1. stretches your Afro heat-free.
2. Very effective protective style.


1. Hair can be left very dry if not done properly.

How To

1. detangle hair completely before threading. Finger detangle, then use a wide toothed comb to brush through.
2. Apply leave-in conditioner/moisturiser (mine is mixed with black castor oil).
3. Leave your ends out (see pictures). I do this, as I often want to retain the shape of my Afro, even with stretched hair.
4. Condition your hair after threading with leave-in moisturiser/conditioner before styling. This is to avoid breakage, as hair may be dry.
5. I leave mine in for a day. But as a protective style, you can leave the style in for a longer time, be sure to oil your scalp and spray hair to retain moisture. Spray bottle to include water and leave-in conditioner. Shake well before each use.
6. It is not a time consuming process, but a heatfree solution to Afro stretching, and of course a cute protective style (when styled)

Your Questions

Please note that my answers are based on my personal experience and knowledge of my hair type. Hopefully sharing this may help you.

1. How did you grow your hair so quickly and how often do you trim it?
I cut my hair (big chop 2) last year (Easter 2015). Before then, I also had an Afro. I don't trim my hair as it grows in a ball-like shape. However I keep a scissors close for when a bit of hair misbehaves and is out of place Haha. I will leave my hair growth tips below.

2. If your hair feels moisturised, do you braid it again at night?
I try to keep my hair moisturised at all times. Braiding/Twisting your hair every night is recommended. However, as my hair is very thick and wouldn't be going anywhere, I often just put it in a bun (not tight) and tie a silk scarf.

3. What do you do to grow your hair?
I do not do much to grow my hair, I leave it to be natural and it flourishes in that state. No heat, No Gel/Edge Control, No excessive products, No excessive manipulation etc. I do my protective style i.e braids on myself and take extra care when doing so, I do not tie my bun so hard or take pills to aid growth.

4. How often do you use heat on your hair?
I do not use or recommend heat on our Afro. To stretch my hair or for length check, I use the ‘Threading’ method as shown in pictures.

5. How often do you moisturise your hair?
I use products on my hair once a week, on washday. If for any reason water spray cannot maintain the moisture during the week, which it often does, then I may oil my scalp mid-week and moisturise my ends.

6. What are your daily routines?
Wake up; take off the scarf and go.

7. How do you detangle that luscious Fro?
I finger detangle 90% of the time. Other than that, I use a wide toothed Afro metal comb.

8. What’s your wash routine?
Washdays routine is; wash once, condition, moisturise and apply oil. Fingers detangle, braid/twist and leave to air-dry.

9. Do you use vitamins for your hair, and how did your hair grow so fast and healthy?
I do not use Vitamins; I actually do not take tablets or medication for personal reasons Haha. That is another story. I think hair growth is just like hair texture and very much depends on individual’s genes. However, we promote healthy hair so we can enjoy the best version of our Afro by doing everything right.

10. Please how did you achieve your curls?
I do small twists, and the result when taken down is the curls.

11. What products do you use for your natural hair?
1 product I cannot do without is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I don't use many products, and the others vary based on my location on washday, my house, my parents’ or my partner’s place, haha.

12. Do you have any growth tips?
Avoid excessive manipulation of your hair; enjoy a healthy lifestyle and loads of water, heat-free and natural hair products.

13. What do you put on your scalp? Growing up I always thought it was a part of the routine to oil the scalp, but I have noticed that there is no products tailored for scalp and I also read somewhere that it causes a product build up on your scalp that prevents hair growth. Is this true?
Excessive products may leave your hair flat, greasy and sometimes itchy. Avoid that! To oil my scalp, I mix black castor oil with coconut oil. It is a good routine to oil your scalp as this prevents dry scalp/dandruff; I am unsure whether product build-up can prevent hair growth.

from Natural Belle http://hairspiration.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-thread-african-threading-q-with.html

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