Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Head Wrap: DIY Hemmed Head Wrap + Pictorial How To

Hi dolls, so I'm finally doing a Head Wrap How To. There are a lot of lovely wraps available, however it is so simple to run some up yourself that look just as cute as the ones you can buy online or in store.

T O O L S:

  • 100CM Square of fabric [fabric should be a stiff as possible, traditional wax print is best but a linen of a thick cotton will do]
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread [hand sewing is fine it will just take longer] 

Take a large square of fabric this can be any pattern [the more vibrant the better] you will notice that one side of your fabric will be lighter than the other. fold the fabric into a triangle with the light side showing.

Pin the edges of your fabric to make sewing easier and ensure you get a nice straight edge.

using a sewing machine or needle and thread follow the edges of the fabric on both sides of the triangle.

Leave a space of 4 inches at the end of the last edge, this will be so we can turn our wrap the right way round.

Turn the wrap so the bright side of the fabric is on show, you should be left with a lovely double sided triangle. There will be a 4 inch gap. neaten the gap by folding the edges inwards. use your sewing machine to neatly hem the corner.

You will be left with a double sided practically seamless triangle wrap. the double sided element is ideal for creating beautiful wrap styles. I have found this style wrap almost always looks great with little effort [just a few knots here or there] the stiffer the fabric the better for really tall wraps, if you want to go bigger just increase your original square size. below is how I tie my signature wrap.

  1. you're now ready to wrap like a pro
  2. take your wrap and place the largest edge at the nape of your neck
  3. ensure your wrap is even on both sides sand pull till taut
  4. tie your wrap at the forehead and pull to secure
  5. you should have two flaps that you can now play with to create your wrap
  6. tie the flap nearest the front of your wrap to the flat nearest the back of your wrap
  7. you should be left with a knotted puffy gathering of material atop your head
  8. adjust your wrap by pulling it back or forward, puffing out the sides and tucking in some or all of the flaps
  9. and you're done! 

from Natural Belle

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