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Here's a new Blog Post about Lucinda Ellery reviews: Don’t Lose Any More Sleep Over Hair Loss–Literally

If you’re browsing the internet for Lucinda Ellery reviews, it’s likely you’re already considering treatment options to address hair loss. The fact that you’re dealing with the condition can be understandably stressful. But there’s a reason why you should try not to lose any more sleep over hair loss – literally.

The less sleep you get, the more likely more hair will continue to fall. Sleep deprivation hampers your body’s immune system and its ability to absorb the nutrients that strengthen hair. Roots can weaken, volume and shine lessen, and follicles become dormant. In cases, sleep deprivation may even contribute to baldness.

Aside from getting around eight hours of sleep, there are ways your nighttime habits can support your efforts to regain a healthier scalp and hair.

            ● Dry your hair before laying on your pillow. Wet hair is more likely to break.
            ● But don’t sleep in a dry room – that leads to dry and unhealthy hair!
            ● If possible, change your cotton pillowcase into a silk one. Silk won’t be as abrasive against your hair.
            ● Brush with a wide-tooth comb before sleeping, to distribute rejuvenating scalp oils from root to tip.

Follow these pointers as you assess and pick hair replacement systems, and hopefully, you’ll soon wake up to a full head of hair!


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