Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Reclaiming Our Magic

Hello and welcome to The Brown Girl Coven, a safe space For women of colour to explore their magic.

Magic? Yes magic not just the #blackgirlmagic that is so popular but the real goddess given magic that resides in us all. As women we have a significant power, the power to create, the power to nurture and give life. We bleed for 5 days and we do not die. We are magical. BELIEVE IT.

This Coven needs no initiation, you my loves are members, simply by being you. Here we will reclaim our magic, return to nature and remember our ancestral rite. 

There is no hocus pocus [well not much] there are no titles, come and go as you please, take what you need and what feels relevant to you. Rejoice in the sisterhood without fear and howl at the moon [optional]

Stay Tuned In 

from The Brown Girl Coven

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