Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Here's a new Blog Post about Lucinda Ellery reviews: Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Sunsets and Watermelons

A woman’s hair plays a significant role in her appearance, and therefore, also in her level of self-esteem and confidence. This is why ladies with conditions such as trichotillomania and alopecia areata have found great joy in hair loss solutions like the Intralace System. Having a full head of luscious hair (while waiting for their natural locks to recover and grow) enables them to enjoy hair colour crazes like the following:

Sunset Hair

According to Lucinda Ellery reviews, when it comes to hair colouring, women who have the Intralace System can have fun with a wide range of colouring and hairstyling options. Do you long for the so-called “sunset hair” with its deep shades of pink, pretty purples, and fiery oranges? Your wish can come true after a single visit to your trusted salon. Sunset hair can both be edgy and romantic.

Watermelon Hair

Another colouring trend that’s taking the online world by storm is the “watermelon hair.” Creating a sweet and cheery vibe with its pink and green hues, watermelon hair can be your ultimate summer statement. Of course, let your hairstylist assess your extensions or strands for suitability and compatibility first.


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