Friday, 22 July 2016

The Launch: Simply Comfort Hair

As you may know, Simply Comfort, a natural hair care and service brand has launched in the United Kingdom.

Simply Comfort offers services such as Protective Styles (including cornrow and African hair threading), Hair Care & Product Consultations, Wash-Day Service and Learn to braid private workshops.

The founder, Comfort Nsek aims to re-introduce Afrocentric hairstyles and regimens derived from her roots in the coastal southern part of Nigeria. She shares some of her favourite styles with us today, a combination of cornrow and African hair threading.

Cornrow & Threading

Efik Calabar hairstyles are renowned for representing royal heritage and class. It is often adorned with beads and cowry shells, because every queen deserves a firm crown.

Cornrows (Canerows in the Caribbean) and threading are often preferred for their quick styling time and easy maintenance. The traditional African hair styles makes hair easy to wash and regular oiling of the scalp is made stress-free too. Although each region depicts unique traditional styling of cornrows, the idea and technique is well known in various global regions of Africa.

African hair threading styles can be traced back to our ancestors, and most of us born in Nigeria in the 90’s or before will vividly recall wearing different styles to school.

We consider African hair threading to be one of the most versatile hair styles around. This is because it does not discriminate when it comes to hair length, volume or texture. As well as its modern use for heat-free hair stretching, African threading promotes healthy hair growth and can be styled on both short and long hair.

Traditionally, we use matte or glossy hair thread for hair threading, but recently yarns are used to add colour and to express personal style.

Cornrows and African threading are styles that can be used to express attributes of your identity such as gender, age, ethnicity, religion and personal style.

Simply Comfort is focused on re-popularising cornrows and African threading by sharing modernised styles for daily life and corporate professionals as well as artistic braiding for our creative entrepreneurs. These styles can be worn all year round, just like your box braids!

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