Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Primer: Harmony Serum Primer

I've found it! Optimus Prime-r, Harmony Serum Primer from Premae Skincare is hands down the best primer I've tried.

For those who live under a rock I'll let you know why you need a primer, make up primer does exactly that it primes your face regardless of whether you wear full coverage Insta worthy foundation or eco girl BB cream primer with elevate your make up game. Primer helps your makeup last the day aswell as giving you a flawless finish, filling in pores and mattifying the skin.

Harmony Serum Primer is vegan friendly and 100% natural, it's great for oily and combination skin and is great for acne prone skin too.

Key Ingredients include Grape seed that helps to smooth and even out the skin, Lemongrass which acts as a skin brightener and  Mineral Salts which is the keep ingredient in fighting acne.

"The grape seed blended formula offers a comforting barrier cream to soothe redness, and smooth the uneven texture, perfect primer to apply before foundation makeup".

I love using this to mix with my mineral foundations, not only does it give them a great finish but it also helps them last longer as I don't need to use too much. I love wearing this in the summer months it keep my make up on my face with little transfer. It also helps that this primer is actually working to care for your skin with natural effective ingredients.

from Natural Belle

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